What do we propose?

The social and economic transformations that occur in Romania highlight more than in other areas the new emphasis placed on the qualification framework for Physical Education and Sports.

The phenomenon of physical exercise practice is extremely complex, as evidenced by the existence of its own legal framework, namely the Physical Education and Sport Law no.69 / 2000. This law has been completed with other regulations, such as: Methodology for the application of Law no. 69/2000; Qualifications framework in the field of physical education and sport; Order of the Minister of Education, Research and Youth, of the President of the National Sports Agency, and of the President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee for the approval of the Protocol on the provision of the collaboration framework for the continuous development of the efficient functioning of the national system of physical education and sport.

The training and improvement of specialists in Physical Education and Sport is governed to a certain extent by the aforementioned law. This law establishes a series of conditions and priorities in the formative actions, and to a great extent, in the development and management of specific activities. Thus, according to article 58 – Teaching physical education or sports training, in organized forms, shall be provided only by persons certified in the field, by recognized diplomas or certificates, according to the law. The main categories of specialists mentioned in the law for Physical Education and Sports are: Physical and Sports Education graduates, Physical Education Teachers, Coaches, Managers, physiotherapists, sports instructors.

The training of coaches based on a true specific culture is the self-exigency goal of the Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu Coach School.